Adult Chat Line

Free chat line is an adult chat line website that allows me to live out my most intimate desires.


Things that I can only think, but not necessarily do….


I finally got to meet the father of the football player that I am sleeping with.


The circumstances could have been better, but the results have been spectacular, to say the least!  The father found out that I have been sleeping with his son and was not too happy.  It appears that he was worried that I would be derailing his darling boy from his practice and studies.  I knew that he saw me as this older predator type who was just using his son for my own perverse desires.


He did not have it all right – I wanted him to do well in school and football.


After all, I only plan on chatting with him for the school year and then next season moving on to the other senior captain.  Geez, why do people think that we MILFS want to keep the cute young studs we are having sex with?  We just want to teach them the score, then move on. That is all!


So his Daddy found my number and a pair of my panties along with a note from me saying to sniff them and think of me.  He dialed my number and was quite the jerk when he found out it was a woman his age.  So I did the polite thing and invited him out for a drink to talk things over.


I knew he was full of hot air and would have a hard on for me the moment that I saw him.  While we sat down and sipped our white wine I drew him into the conversation and made him comfortable.  Then the questions came – why was I sexting his son?  He nearly fell of the chair as I described to him how I taught his son  to go down on me, how to enjoy food play, how to fuck a woman the right way.  I spared no detail and watched the father get more and more turned on….although he tried to hide it.


Call me on from the adult chat line profile that I have and I will explain it in detail to you what happened next!

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