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 A Shoe Fetish – Stiletto Style fantasy.

I went shopping today – trying to find the ultimate pair of sexy shoes.  I was thinking about finding something perfect for licking!  I have a regular phone sex client named Stu who calls or texts like clockwork every two weeks.  He is such a good boy and nothing makes him happier than being at the “foot” of his shoe fetish obsession because to be completely honest, I think that I may have one as well.

His preference in shoes is a little different from mine but equally sexy.

He loves a classic shoe with a six-inch stiletto heel that should be classified as a weapon of male destruction!  I like to buy them in shocking and shining colors like electric blue or neon pink, it provides such a nice contrast to his wimpy slave tongue.

If he does not take me to the VIP room immediately I simply refuse to be with his pathetic drooling self. To punish him, which of course he also enjoys, I make him walk 5 steps behind me at all times and look only at my shoes on the trek up the stairs.

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Adult chat phone numbers

When he is good to me and takes me to elegant places, that is when the games really begin.  I make Stu get on his knees and present his hands to me, palms up.  He places them on the floor, and I slowly step on them.  I have done this so many times now that he has lovely scars on his palms.  He loves it and tells me that he feels as though I am always with him.

Lots of the guys who come into the club to see me dance have a thing for shoes or boots. The shinier, higher the sexier they find them.  Some though want me to wear lovely thigh high boots in either leather or PVC, but those are another kind of fetish altogether.

However, we can find some Adult Chat phone numbers for that too!

So tell me, what would be your shoe fetish phone sex fantasy?  Heels, boots, or sandals?

Pick up that phone and call me now to tell me!