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Everyone has their own secret fetish. Everyone has something kinky that turns them on. Some people happen to find adult chat lines a big turn on. Things like chat lines and sexting can be a lot of fun. You still have to be careful, though. Below you will find some helpful tips on how to enjoy yourself and stay safe all at the same time.




1) It might seem kinky to send a nude photo of yourself on your phone. but remember it can be illegal. Avoid the possibility of felony charges. If you store them on your computer, they can be seen as illegal erotic material. Be very careful with this. When you engage in this sort of activity, never leave behind anything that could be incriminating.


2) It’s best not to get too intense with someone from work. There are some who like to have inner-office affairs and send pics to their co-workers. Some guys even do this for their female bosses. This is not a porn site. This is a chat room. It’s best to keep it clean and safe. Besides, the other person could use the pics you send to their advantage. When this happens guys, you truly will be caught with your pants down.


3) Nothing is ever considered truly safe. Do you have kids? If you do, they might come across it. If that happens, you might have to explain something. Don’t put you or your kids into this situation.


What about your wife? Some of you might be married. Do you really want to put her through the heartbreak of finding out your online activity?


Chat rooms and sexting can be a lot of fun. They should only be done if you are unattached and what you are doing is harmless fun. Always be conscious of the images and content you are putting out there. Anyone can see it, you are not alone.




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