Arousr Interview: Kiki Miller | AROUSR

 Arousr Interview: Kiki Miller | AROUSR |Free ChatlineArousr Interview: Kiki Miller | AROUSR

There is nothing like a real-life interview with a chatline host to perk things up a little bit.  Kiki, one of the hottest chat hosts around has a candid interview with Arousr staff writer.  It is actually pretty cool to read what people in the industry do during the day.

As you will quickly see in the interview, Kiki is as smart as she is irresistible.

We all imagine our sexting buddies to be wild and crazy in their real lives but they have mom’s too.  Things are a lot less revealing when family is around Kiki explains.  That is probably why she hangs out on Arousr, but then her secret is kind of out of the bag now isn’t it?


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