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Let’s face it everyone wants to chat with girls right?


Sex Chat with random girls?


Unless you know the girl, it doesn’t happen.


What girl in her right mind would chat with strangers without getting paid?


I mean get real, if you think that I will ever chat with anyone without getting paid, you are outta your mind.  Why would I chat with you for free, when I can get paid to do it?  Think about it. It’s much more exciting and financially sound to charge for chatting, sexting and video chat now isn’t it. Stop judging, if you could, you would too.


Let me show you what its like to chat with girls who charge for their services:


One of my lovers is only 22, and a kinkier boy you never will meet. I adore him.


He went to the football game with me on Saturday, and while watching I gave him a blow-by-blow (pun intended!) description of what that all-American captain of the team did to me when he picked up the cookies for the bake sale. I secretly stroked his big cock through his jeans while I whispered in his ear how hard I made the football player cum.


How when the captain of the team was finally ready to explode, I got on my hands and knees because I wanted every little bit to land on my face and tits. I love to be covered in cum ~ especially the jizz of young men! I adore rubbing it in while they watch me and get hard again.


That is the beauty of young men – they can get hard again so easily. And if they can do that, I can teach them the rest!


My lover was so turned on he wanted to head under the bleachers, but I said to wait. I pretended to drop my purse and bent down deep between his knees making sure my cheek brushed across his hard cock. I loved building him up, making him want me so badly he cannot think.


And besides, I have plans for after the game. Why enjoy one hot young stud when you can enjoy two? It looked like my team captain was going to win the game, and I was already planning a special post-game party just for the three of us.

Elton John once said that Saturday night’s alright for fighting, I say that Saturday night’s alright for fucking!


Now ask yourself when you Chat with girls randomly, do you think it will end up like this?  It does when you call our chatline.


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