Fetish Chat Line

Admit It, You’ve Got A Fetish

And you need is a good fetish chat line to get some!

You’re sitting alone in your car and someone passes by. He or she just happens to feel embarrassed and they walk by and you just want to laugh them off. What is even more interesting is that you are you hiding the truth in the palm of your hand.  You love the fact that you can see them walk by on your phone that is! Your immediate response might be to think, “come on man, I’m not weird like that!”

Relax, there’s nothing wrong with having a guilty pleasure. Nearly all of us have something we just have to touch, look at or and feel because it excites us, or it soothes us. Fetishes aren’t something that only weird people have, they’re normal and sometimes a little bit of fetish phone sex can bring quite a relief when you find out you aren’t the only one that has one. There’s a lot of crazy things out there people have a fetish for, but here are some of the most common ones.


Shoe Fetish

Oh yes, many guys out there really appreciate and have to see the beauty of shoes of all kinds and hold them in their hands. And it isn’t just their own dress shoes, athletic shoes, or stylish shoes. Some have to see the whole package of both male and female designs including stilettos, beach sandals, and a lot more. Yes, they may have a whole closet or room full of them to go visit when they want to.

When they call our chat hosts, they usually insist on her wearing some shoes while they engage in fetish phone sex.  A shoe fetish will do anything to let loose on a hot pair of shoes and some of our chat hosts oblige only if they promise to lick it off.  Hot stuff, yea, it can be!


Leather Objects

Some people need to feel leather touching them, spanking them or surrounding them, while others simply need to see leather objects to provide a rush. Regardless of what floats your boat, there is just something about a leather jacket or purse that seems to bring out a rough edgy side of the person.  We have been fascinated by leather and people who wear leather such as bikers for the longest time, there must be something to this fetish.

Maybe it’s a leather belt or a whip that makes a person feel in control of their emotions or it might be that it reminds them of something pleasurable.  Whatever it is, leather is one of the most common of all fetishes and it is a million dollar industry as well.


Furry Objects

Who doesn’t like furry things to hug or kiss? It isn’t just kids, adults might have certain furry bed covers, coats, maybe even very big stuffed furry animals. Fur does have a way of growing on people, doesn’t it? Well, even if there was a pun intended, it’s very true.

So perhaps now after seeing the kinds of fetish phone sex conversations that other people carry, perhaps you can see why they like fetish chat? And why not? It doesn’t hurt to get a load off your chest, or it might.  In either case, everyone is doing it, you should too – come explore your own fetish with us.

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