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5 Things We Secretly Love About Free Adult Chat Lines

Are you taking advantage of any of the free adult chat lines? How would you like to become a great success at it and make a good impression in your next encounter. Here are 5 tips to help you become a person everybody will want to have phone sex with.

1) You should always dress for the part. Whether you are at home or the office, you should convey an air of sexiness. Wear something that makes you feel sexy. Once you feel sexy inside, this will carry over to your phone conversations. Not to mention, you can send some very seductive pics! Wear something tight and provocative. This goes for everyone. I am sure whoever is on the other end of the line will appreciate the effort.

Yes, Flattery Does Work

2) Affirmation is key here. Credit the person on how they make you feel. Refer to how much you like their body and those sensuous curves. This will boost their ego and set the mood. Most people love to hear that they are sexy. It will help them feel a sense of confidence. In fact, the more you compliment them, chances are they will return the favor. And that is the point… no?

3) One of the great things about free adult chat lines is you can always count on the fact that conversations won’t be boring. Accentuate the mood for your partner by indulging their fantasies. For instance. maybe they like when you put on high heel shoes or tell them they deserve a good spanking. Tap into their dirty and nasty side. Take the conversation where you both want it to go. Do not place everyone into a one size fits all kind of formula.

Sometimes you will meet people who are not so forthcoming with their desires. You may have to do a little probing (sounds like fun!) But once you find their trigger, take it to the next level. Most individuals do not enjoy a “vanilla” type encounter, but there are some who just need time to become warmed up. It is up to you to be patient. Then when it’s time…to deliver the goods!

Invoke Your Inner Sensuality!

4) Remember Anne Hathaway’s Sex talk scene in “Valentine’s Day”? This is a perfect example of how to proceed when you immerse yourself in free adult chat lines. People like improvisation. They want to know that you are willing to explore a variety of topics.

Remember the scene where she adds in some vocal sounds and snapping with her picture she is painting. She barks and snaps the rubber band. Anyone can learn a great deal from this scene. When the mood strikes, use props. Use some of your favorite toys. This shows you are willing to be creative. The more creative and exciting you are, the better your session will be. Do not be afraid to explore new boundaries. It’s surprising what you may find exciting.

5) Be willing to test the waters… always keep an open mind. Don’t be afraid to ask for specific desires to be fulfilled. In this type of forum, it is pretty well the norm. While several encounters can sometimes get really nasty. It’s a good idea to use a safe word. Especially, if you prefer to engage in any BDSM type scenarios. Another great thing about free adult chat lines is the variety of passions you can experience. Whether you are looking for Bisexual or Gay chat.

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