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5 Celebrities Who Should Consider a Career in Free Adult Chat!

Now we know that not everyone is into free adult chat, but what about celebrities? We think they would be the ideal hosts. They are a group who seems to know their way around the bedroom and likes to get a little naughty. It seems that some of our traditional choices don’t work. So we thought for a little fun, we would consider a few high profile stars. Those who work in the entertainment industry. Tell me, what do you think about some of these choices for an adult phone chat operator?


She is the obvious first choice. This is the woman who put out the infamous “Sex Book”. Yes, I do have a copy. She is the first and only artist to challenge our society’s sexual hangups in an honest and profound way. Without a doubt, she gives meaning to the term “sexually open-minded”. You can not have a list like this without having Madonna on it. She would be  the perfect choice to engage in a sexual conversation.

Britney Spears

This may not seem like a clear choice, but hear me out. Britney is sexy, but not in an obnoxious way. She has that natural sexuality about herself. Indeed, she is a colorful performer. You need to have  a vivid imagination for this kind of work. You have to know how to switch it off and on when the time is right. Not to mention, Britney has impeccable timing. She is a natural born sex kitten.

Jamie Dornan

You might know him better as Christian Grey in Fifty Shades. Have you seen some of those steamy parts from the movie? Then you know what I am talking about here. He has got a body most men would kill for. Not only that, but he is attractive to both sexes. The difference is he does not let it go to his head. In addition to all that, he is very humble about his sex appeal. This makes him perfect for the job. He can transfer Christian Grey’s insatiable sexual appetite into an amazing phone chat connection.

Vin Diesel

He plays “Dom” in the Fast and Furious movies. He is sexy without even having to try. All he has to do is walk into a room and he exudes sex. That voice. Imagine talking to that voice over the phone. Anyone would be at his beck and call. I know I would be. Oh, and that body. All you would need to do is think about those muscles! Imagine picturing him next to you over the phone. I cannot imagine one single person turning him down.

Megan Fox

She is the girl from the “Transformers” movies. She was an instant sex symbol from the moment she was on the screen. I do not know one single straight guy who doesn’t find her Hot! The very mention of her name sparks a conversation. Almost every straight guy wants to be with her. There was a poll done recently on the top female crushes. Meghan Fox made it to the top of the list in almost every poll. She has the perfect mix of sexy and “girl next door”.


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