Life for people over 30 is not fair.  You have spent the past ten or so years trying to build a career while trying to manage some semblance of a career.  But while doing that you realize you have sacrificed your one chance at finding love.

It is not that you haven’t been trying, but you just don’t have enough time to commit to it.  Nothing long term ever comes of casual dating. Your free time is hanging out at the local bars with friends and family who you rarely get to see anymore. And here you are, 30 years old and there is nothing in sight.

You spend most of your evenings watching television alone.

Can you hear that?

It is your biological clock.  It’s saying tick, tock, hurry up or you are never going to get married. Let’s face it, all the people in your social circle are not the people you want to spend time with, let alone marry.

What is a lonely soul to do?

Have you ever considered chatlines, sexting or online dating as an alternative?

What?  Why would I want to do that. Aren’t those just another form of dating for sex that never goes anywhere.

They are the opposite. In fact, they allow you to access a broader pool of available mates.

Sexting fosters long distance relationships by allowing connections via video, phone and SMS texts.

When you visit a chatline, you are not just meeting a few locals in a bar, you are accessing the entire world.  Thus, the type of individuals that you meet can be better as well.  With more choice, you will likely find more people with similar interests.  Increasing your chances at finding love.

If you find someone  who is more like you, chances are the relationship will last longer.  It seems there is something to this new phenomenon known as sexting.

Are chatlines safe?

They are a lot safer than meeting someone in a bar and going home with them.  At the least, you can vet the person before ever meeting them in real life.  While there is no guarantee, with a little bit of due diligence you can protect yourself. If you do a complete investigation and use common sense, it will increase your safety level.

If you’re not sure, all you have to do it hang up or block them.

Safety and discretion are the reason people use for all their sexting needs.  While you may not find love here, you sure will have a good time trying.



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