Sexy Control Freak looking for Chat Partners

 Sexy Control Freak looking for Chat Partners |Free Chatline Name: Sally
Location: Regina
Age: 26

Likes: Watching movies on Netflix and sexting.

My name is Sally. Some like to call me Sally, May I? That is because my answer is usually “only if I say so.” I am a control freak which means I love to make people orgasm when I allow it. My day job as a librarian does not allow me much freedom so when I get home and work on my chat lines I like to express my control over others. Most people think it is hot as hell. Count me in on that one, I love it.

In my spare time (which is not often) I love to binge watch adult movies online. I am looking to get into that kind of work at some point. The only issue I am having is the experience. I need some more control “experience.” All I need is some “leverage” to help make my case. A guy who is not afraid to let me show him a few moves is ideal. (girls welcome too!)

If you like controlled orgasms, chastity and that kind of Fetish, then I am your girl!

My only goal is to control your orgasm. You will not let go until I say how and when you can. This turns me on. If your really good at it, I will let you do the same to me.

I will model for you and let you take pictures. Why not? I can use some of the “memories” we will create to send in for my audition. I need a man who is not afraid to share my talents with the world and remember I am not looking for something long-term here. This is my job. You help me “get a leg up” in this “hard business” and I will help you get “something else up”.

I love “Clean cut vanilla boys” who needs someone to call the shots. The more “vanilla” the hotter it is for me.

Turn-Ons: Clean-cut guys who are not afraid to experiment.
Turn-Offs” Clingy men and those looking for a long-term thing.

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