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Depending on whom you ask, sexting is taking over for phone sex. Because more adults are getting cell phones, it is making phone sex sort of out-dated. Now, people can send and receive sex text on their cell phones and it’s private. All you need for sexting is a text messaging plan from your cell phone provider.

Not only can you sex text, you can send and receive a picture of the person you are sexting with so you can put the conversation with a face. You can’t do this when using phone sex companies. You can talk to the person on the other end, but you can’t see a picture of the person.

One such company that deals in sexting is Arousr. You can sex text and send or receive photos right over the cell phone. The nice thing about sexting is you can be yourself. You don’t need to hear the person. You don’t need to have a place away from others to participate in sexting. As long as you are the one holding your cell phone, you are the only one that knows what is going on.

When you use a phone sex company, you are tied to a landline phone, unless you use your cell phone for that, but then again, you use your phone minutes. If you use sexting and have unlimited texting, you can text as long as you want. Phone sex where you have talking will require a quite location where you are by yourself. When you’re sexting, you can do it on the bus, on the train or anywhere you have a cell phone signal.

When you think about phone sex and sexting, you can compare it to a VCR and DVD. As technology evolves, new things come about that make things better. Although some people still use VCRs, more people have gone to DVD players because it’s better. The same is true for phone sex and sexting on cell phones.

In the end, technology has given people a way to express themselves sexually without needing a place to find a private place to communicate.

Sexting Pictures or Porn: What Turns Men On?

Internet porn is everywhere you look. If you have a computer, you can see it every day. However, many men want to see a picture on their cell phones of the woman their sexting with instead of visualizing what the person might look like. There’s nothing wrong with having pictures of the person. Sending pictures is done right on the cell phone where you are having the sexting session.

When you visit porn sites, you see a lot of pictures of women, but you never know what the person you are talking to looks like. You can’t ask for a picture because you’d need to give your email address. This presents a problem with the anonymous nature of the call. Yes, you at told the persons name, but you don’t have a picture of that person. You have to imagine what the person looks like according to their voice.

Picture messaging allows you to send and receive pictures of just about anything. Some adults exchange pictures at various times during to sexting to make the conversation interesting and more intimate, without crossing the line of cheating. Besides, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Another reason that men prefer sexting pictures instead of porn site pictures is that they can look at the pictures anywhere in private. When they are on a computer, they need to do it when no one is around and it can’t be done on a work computer or a family computer for the most part. On their own cell phone, the picture is all theirs and it’s private.

The cell phone picture can be deleted and it’s gone or the picture can be kept, but no one will see it, but the owner of the phone. When men are traveling, it’s easier to receive a sexting picture on the cell phone. Sitting in the park sexting allows men to send and receive pictures. Porn site access must have an Internet signal, which can’t always be found everywhere.

If men want a private sexting session with pictures, the only way is sexting and not porn sites. Arousr, a sexting company, recognizes this need and has everything men need to get started sexting in private.

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