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A person that has a hard time approaching the opposite sex may also have a hard time asserting their sexual needs. Some people are uncomfortable talking about sex or what they would like to do. Inhibitions can dissolve when you use sexting with someone you don’t know. One place that has connections for shy persons is Arousr. You can practice on overcoming your shyness during sexting or just keep sexting and not worry about being shy.

Using phone sex sometimes inhibits a persons ability to say what they want to say because they are hearing a voice on the other end. Sexting involves texting on a cell phone. Although you are communicating with another person, you can’t hear a voice. Shy people find it easier to express themselves in writing than in speaking conversation.

Speaking on a phone is just as traumatizing as speaking in front of someone. People that are shy or have problems speaking to people can open up more during sexting. It’s like sitting down and writing your thoughts on paper. It’s easier to do than talking. Adults that use sex texting find it easier to open up and all their inhibitions disappear.

Some people are shy about sex only and have a hard time even talking about it. However, these people still have needs. The need to be sexual is hard to do in person, but when you have an outlet such as sexting, people have a way to have a sexual encounter without the anxiety.

Besides the ability to sex text, people can chat with many different people. Sexting opens up more windows to explore more sexual encounters. In some cases, sexting can help a shy person overcome the anxiety of talking about sexual things in person or on the phone. This is also a way to build up ones self confidence.

Because of cell phones and texting plans, shy people can now fulfill their sexual needs without a personal meeting. They can build confidence in their own sexual self and some day, they may be able to learn how to talk to the opposite sex in person.

Is Sexting Cheating?

Some adults do consider sexting or any form of sex talk with another person outside of a relationship, cheating. However, many adults have found that sexting isn’t cheating because their partners are fulfilling a need, but aren’t touching someone else to do it. Therefore, sexting isn’t considered cheating by many couples.

Sex texting is a form of sexual satisfaction, but without meeting a person. People have been using porn sites and phone sex hotlines for years to fulfill a void in their sexual lives. Sexting has just made it easier to talk sexual to someone anytime you want. You don’t need a computer or a dedicated landline phone. All you need is a cell phone.

Partners that don’t feel sexting is cheating do prefer that their partners use a sexting service such as Arousr rather than sex text with people that they both know or someone that could be to close to touch. As long as partners aren’t touching anyone else, they aren’t cheating, but fulfilling a part of them that needs more.

When a person is sexting, they aren’t out running around trying to make a sexual hookup. They are sitting at home, at work or even on the bus sexting. The communication is all done on the cell phone through text messaging. In reality, sexting is a fantasy that two people are fulfilling without the need for intimate touching.

Some couples even use sexting as a way to keep the relationship fresh and exciting. In a sense, a person that uses sexting with an unknown person is trying to keep his or her sexuality alive. No one is cheating when sexting unless they are doing with someone they know personally and want to take the sexting to a more personal level and meet.

Men and women can both benefit from sexting with different people. It is one way to experience new ways to arouse their partners. Something they may have learn through sexting with another person, may be something that would arouse their partners and spice things up in the bedroom after years of being together and running into the same old thing every time they have a sexual encounter.


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