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You are totally anonymous when you are sexting. You don’t need to tell anyone your name or your cell phone number. You can remain anonymous and still have a sexual encounter. If you are concerned about anyone knowing what you are doing, then sexting is one way to avoid questions. Everyone spends hours texting, but it’s hard to explain a long phone call.   

Picture testing is another reason. Both parties have the option to send or receive text pictures. When you are on the phone, you can’t send or receive pictures if either one of you decide to make sexting a little more personal. Sometimes it’s nice to see a picture of the person on the other end at various times during the sexting session.

Time reframes are lifted with sex text. When you use phone sex companies, you must be on a phone talking out loud. This means that you are restricted to when you can use the phone. You can’t talk on the phone with someone else in the room with you. Sexting is private. You are texting and no one can hear or see it.

People that can’t talk to the opposite sex, find sexting more satisfying than talking on the phone. People that are shy or have problems talking about sex or talking sexually can appreciate sexting. You can write what you can’t say. This is one way to help you overcome the inability to express yourself sexually without any anxiety.

Availability to reread sexting messages without starting a new chat with someone else or the same person. You can keep the sexting messages on your phone or you can erase the messages. If you need a pick me up or you’re thinking about a pass sexting session, you can go back and reread what was said.

Sexting can be fun, private and satisfying where talking on the phone to a person can’t be. At Arousr, you talk to many different people and have many anonymous sexting sessions. Although you need a phone, you only need a cell phone for sexting to enjoy yourself anywhere you go.


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